The Best Marijuana-Friendly Hotels Across the World

In 2018, a cannabis company named Lord Jones partnered with a hotel chain to become the first to do so. It announced that its locations across the country would stock a line of pot stuff. With the growing craze of CBD wellness all over, a number of hotels across the United States have started offering cannabis-based spa and treatments. The travel industry follows the initiative of the cannabis restaurant opening in Los Angeles and makes efforts to open dedicated marijuana-friendly resorts. When it comes to consuming at public places and hotels, weed still remains illegal in the country. However, hotels in legal states are encouraging vaporizing, smoking and ingesting, particularly serving up CBD and accessories on property. Here are some of the best cannabis-friendly hotels for enthusiasts.

Hotel Teatro (Denver, Colorado)

Being the first hotel of the city to introduce a CBD cocktail program on its menu, this hotel group also hosts various CBD workshops and events from time to time. Some of the most favorite items on the restaurant-menu include the Super Limoncello Haze and The Chilli Lebowski both of which contain 12mg of high-quality cannabidiol sourced from Denver-based hemp brand.

The Jupiter (Portland, Oregon)

The boutique hotel in Portland that has acquired recognition and fame over the years has partnered with local cannabis companies to offer the ultimate experience to its weed-enthusiast guests. While the kit does not include any oil or flower, it offers a travel pouch full of munchies, vape pen, grinder, lighter, dispensary coupons and the latest issue of Oregon Leaf.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel (Santa Monica, California)

Two leading cannabis giants from California have come together to introduce the first-ever Cannabis Concierge program at this hotel, making it the first property to offer this service. This program is open for adult guests who can use the in-room menus to order cannabis and hemp products in varying doses. Fairmont Miramar will also introduce other products including a scented CBD bath bomb featuring the hotel’s signature fig tree.

The Standard Spa (Miami, Florida)

At this property, guests can treat their feet with a massage that features CBD formula lotion and other techniques to provide relief from aches and pains. The Standard Spa also offers CBD gumdrops at minibar and spa to delight enthusiasts. Guests can also visit the smoke-friendly area that offers a collection of lighters, pipes, rolling papers and stash jars.

Dream Hollywood (Los Angeles, California)

A popular manufacturer of advanced vaporizers, Pax Labs collaborates with Dream Hollywood to offer devices for purchase at the pool patio and hotel in-room. Though the hotel does not provide pods or flower to use with the vaporizer, guests can use the online service to order from their iPhone.

Thompson Seattle (Seattle, Washington)

Visitors can do some research before booking at this hotel in Seattle to hire the famous cannabis culinary expert Derek Simcik. Thompson Seattle does not list this information on its website. Simcik is available through concierge to cater any dinner party held in nearby areas.

Little Bay Cabins (Negril, Jamaica)

Though this destination is great for cannabis enthusiasts, the drug itself is not federally legal in Jamaica and there are resorts known to be 420-friendly. The Little Bay Cabins located on the outskirts of Negril offers an unmatched experience of the true Rasta culture. The resort offers a tour that lets you visit the remains of Bob Marley’s beach house and take a swim in his personal swimming cave.

The St. Regis Aspen Resort (Aspen, Colorado)

This award-winning spa lies inside the mountainside and offers a CBD version of all the treatments. Guests can upgrade their spas to let massage therapists provide a relishing, relaxing treatment that gets them rid of aches and pains. The St. Regin Aspen Resort partners with a local hemp company to provide a line of infused products including body lotion, oil and salve which can be purchased at the spa boutique and carried home.

Sir Sam’s Inn and Water Spa (Ontario, Canada)

The first cannabis-friendly resort in Canada, Sir Sam’s Inn and Water Spa collaborates with Cannabis Hotels and offers an amazing location at the shore of Eagle Lake. Guests can consume openly on the common areas and patios while indulging in other activities like hiking, sailing and kayaking along with a water spa and restaurant.